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Level up your femininity journey Masterclass


Are you tired of feeling stuck? In a continuous loop of heartbreak, living paycheck to paycheck & channeling high levels of masculine energy? 

In this training you will learn

What is Femininity?

What is a Femininity Journey?

What are Femininity Blockers?

How to regulate your emotions

identify & articulate your needs. Let go of ego, let in compassion & empathy.

Heal your wounded feminine

Make the shift from wounded to healed feminine by confronting past traumas & develop self-esteem. Gain the confidence to not betray your intuition, needs or standards.

Break the Pattern of Unworthiness & Shame

Releasing the shackles of shame & the power it has over you.

Unlearn societal influence

unlearn internalized misogyny & self-sacrificing tendencies

Create a safe space for yourself & how to establish boundaries

Money management

Learn how to create a budget, build an emergency fund & break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. 

Investing 101 

How to buy your first stock & plan for retirement. 

Build your wealth one brick at a time.

Live Q&A


Those who need guidance on their Femininity Journey

Tired of Living paycheck to paycheck

Stuck in the cycle of heartbreak + getting played

channeling high levels of masculine energy

Trouble with receiving + letting go of control

Those who want to build wealth; money management, investing

Ready to step into your NEW reality?

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Riya Tyson

I am the creator of the @countinghercoin, where I share tips on how to take control of your femininity, finances & mindset. My teachings focus on strengthening your mental, emotional & financial health; the building blocks of self-validation & financial stability. I created this masterclass to help women recognized the power we have. I give you the resources & tools to learn how to curated your own version of femininity & heal your wounded feminine. 

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